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I am a novice to the science of Linguistics  and  its  allied

branches of knowledge.   While I was doing my post-grade don la

Telugu   Language   and   Literature during   1961-53,   at   Andhra

University,  Waltalr, my interest In the subject was roused  by  the

Inspiring   lectures  of    Prof.   G. JL Somayaji.   The   Interest   was

sustained thro, a trip organised to Araku Valley by Dr. T, Donappa

where he got us acqulnted to the people of s*Kuwi  and Kubi*

languages and spent about 2 to  3  days  In their company.    He

taught us casually the methods of collecting and analysing   the

Linguistic data.   The training was meant only   to   enhance   our

interest,   but not to acquire the expertise.   I am not evea la  the

gateway of the magoificiaat masioa of linguistics.

My quest for a job has drawn me to Bobbili in 1965. My

acqeifitance there with Shri D. R. Patnaik, the then Head of the

Department of Economics, R.S.R.K. Ranga Rao College, Bobbili,

Is very valuable in my persuit. He is an enthusiast In transforming

the Inspired Ideals Into spirited actions though the steps are

faltering. While visiting the hamlet of the Gadabas he took me

aloog with him. The interest I developed in their language prodded

me on to this immature study. Inspite of few advices I sought

from the renowned philologist, Prof. T. Donappa, M* A. Ph.D.

the then Head of the Dept of Telogu Andhra University I could

mot do it comprehensively.

Unfortunately the data collected and the analysis completed

about the 4"Gadaba" language was lost In to to during a train

journey. Attracted by the virginity of the subject:, I made a fresh

effort. As ""Gadabas" are bilingual the preparation of the ques-

tionnaire and the collection of the data are done in Telugu only.

As per the dictates of my mentor Prof. GJ. Somayaji, 1 translated

It into English in 1981. He weat thro ths entire script ani